How your website will look stunning on all devices

Nov 01, 2013

Smartphone’s and tablets are saturating the market with what seems like continual and never ending updates. So much so that laptops and PC’s have seen a huge decline in sales since the introduction of these touch screen devices. With this in mind Google, the largest search engine in the world, will actually start showing mobile friendly / optimized websites first on these devices.

Now I will discuss with you why you should adapt your existing website into a mobile friendly website. The first major reason is that most of the websites that have not been converted into mobile friendly websites will have troubles displaying on handheld touch screen devices. You can simply lose returning visitors and potential sale conversions by not catering to these users, which statistically could be over 50% of your traffic! Mobile users looking to purchase something from your website are looking for perfection because this is what they are used to; the facts show that they are very likely to leave your website and buy the item they are after on a competitors mobile friendly website.  Most mobile users are searching for information on the go so having features such as tap to call or view your retail shop ready to hand can make the difference.Web-Designers-in-Cheltenham

Having a mobile friendly website is not a new thing; many major organizations with nice budgets will have two websites – one for laptops and PC’s and one for mobile phones. However now there is a fresh breed of web design called Responsive Design. This is a new method to make your website adaptable to all devices so there is no need to have two websites but now just one website for all devices. Our Web design in Cheltenham offers this affordable service.

Before I conclude, 80% of mobile users go online  through their mobile device everyday. With this in mind UKWebFast are using Responsive Web Design techniques on all our websites, from tiny brochure sites right up to huge Word Press websites. If you want to build up your existing website at a cheap price in Cheltenham then get in touch. We are affordable Web Designers in Cheltenham and are offering 40% discounts to our new customers. Mobile web will overtake the native website industry so be sure to get your site optimised and made mobile friendly today!

To find out more about how it works visit our website and have a play around to see what we can do for you and improve the experience your users are receiving.


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