Web Design Cardiff- The 7 most popular and current web design trends

Nov 21, 2013

1. RWD- RWD stands for responsive web design. In laymen’s terms your one website will fit and function as you desire on all devices. The website will be fluid and will take the shape of the device you will be viewing at and ultimately no device can make your website look bad. No need to have a separate mobile/tablet friendly website and in many cases no need for an App, which is both costly and time consuming.

2. Transparency- Transparent backgrounds have been one of the most popular trends this year. Background images peeping behind the text makes it easy to have your logos, images and slogans always viewable alongside informational text.

3. 3D illustrations: Any simple image or product can be completely transformed when presented in 3D. We have an awesome 3D designer who does most of his web design in Cardiff for our clients. Get in touch for more information to see how we might meet your needs.

4. Large Background Image: A large background image is a good way to catch the immediate attention of your customer. Statistics show that websites with eye catching images on their landing pages have a lower bounce rate than informational homepages.
5. Infinite Vertical Scrolling: This has been around for a while but it wasn’t until Facebook updated how its posts work did this really become a trend. Everyone loves to see all posts on a single page with a load more posts link. While serving the web design services in Cheltenham and Bristol we offer what people desire and demand.

6. Tablet and Mobile friendliness: We provide all tablet and mobile friendly functions e.g.
Tap to call
Tap to Email
Local Search
iPhone home icon for your website
No horizontal scrolling
No zooming in to read text
…And many many more!

7. Social media Badges and News letter subscribe:
Seo Cardiff- social media - twitter

This year we could not ignore the importance of social media and email marketing for our clients brands. Social media is one of the most important business tools to get your promotional offers in front of people for free.

If you also want to get a trendy website will all latest designs do contact us our web design cardiff team at UKWebFast at .

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