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How to Do an Effective SEO Audit of Your Website.

As Google becomes stricter with its penalties on everything from obvious link spamming to having too high of a ratio of ads

Optimizing Your Website for Local Search Engines

We are finding that many of our new clients are not businesses looking to optimise their website for online marketing but businesses

Improve Your Website Traffic with Easy Steps

 Everyone wants their website to have good traffic and more visitors. Here we will be offering you few easy steps to boost

Why are back links important and how do we build them?

When some other website contains a link which navigates back to your websites that is called a back link. Back links are one

What a ‘page view’ and why is this important?

When a browser loads one page of your website it is called one page view. If a user refreshes or reloads the

Sick and tired of manual marketing? Try online marketing to achieve your goals.

If you have a question and you want an answer fast what do you do? Like me you would probably type it

Google Panda & Penguin friendly SEO and Websites – What are they?

The latest Google Penguin (Penguin 4) launched a few days back on May 22nd, 2013. The last Google Panda (Panda #25) update

Keyword targeting with Google

 What are keywords? A keyword is a website page topic or the name of a service – the more often a keyword

How Google finds your website?

The website ranking in search engines work very similar to how children grow up. First they crawl then they walk and then

Serving SEO Friendly websites

Beyond designing a beautiful functioning website, it is highly important that your site should be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly so that

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