SEO for Lead Generation and Direct Marketing

Oct 18, 2013

There are many different solutions for generating and locating your next lead. Radio and TV advertising are very popular with companies who can afford to spend £,£££’s and sometimes £,£££,£££’s just for 60 seconds of airtime. Some of those commercials may be memorable, but the ROI of those super high investments can be difficult to track.

Online video marketing is a great way to build an emotional connection with your audience and improve your presence online. For example, you can film a presentation or an event and then share it online. Now you can connect with your audience without actually having to be there. However, video marketing can be costly depending on who you use and the quality of the produced videos you require. Moreover, while they may be good for generating business long-term and building product fairness, they are usually not the most effective way of advertising these days.

Studies show that about 90% of business buyers start with research on the internet by typing in the product they are looking for into Google. Therefore it is critical to have a glowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign in place and our Internet Marketing in Bristol has proven to be very successful.

UKWebFast is an SEO company in Bristol with a great deal of experience and success behind it. SEO is an increasingly complex lead generation tactic given the evolving nature of search, including personalized search results. Social Media also impacts search results in an increasingly important way, so there are some complex dealings between the special tactics that must be considered by marketers when evaluating success of various marketing tactics for a direct age group or target market. It is for these reasons why there is only so much people can do without the help of expert SEO and Internet Marketing companies.

Search Engine Optimization is something that we discuss with our clients early on. A major factor in whether a website features high up in Google is how the website has been structured and how it is made SEO Friendly. All web designs by UKWebFast are built in a way that allows Google bots to crawl the site  and we can create a very successful SEO marketing campaign for our clients from the very start.

SEO for Lead Generation and Direct MarketingUKWebFast we use the latest and most effective SEO techniques that are recommended and respected by Google. We focus on particular keywords and phrases relative to your business to attract unique visitors to your website which can be accurately tracked through Google analytics. A good SEO campaign looks at both the internal and external elements of your website to ensure you are able to compete and see a generous return on your investment.



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