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Our Web Designers in Cheltenham have been working hard on our new and improved website that we are imminently launching. It is important that our own website portrays the sort of web design services we offer and although we want to put our own personal stamp on our work we also want to make sure that our clients know there is something here for everyone and that the team is very versatile.

For the new website the Cheltenham web design team have gone for a fully responsive one page site with a simple but stylish design. All you need to know about the team, our work and the services we offer has been carefully and concisely lain out.

Here is a snap shot of our new homepage:

Web design Cheltenham1

With the launch of our new site we are offering a 30% discount on our online marketing services. If you want to know more about how we can help expose your business get in touch today.

For a free assessment of your website give us a call at or email us at . We are happy to help.

How your website will look stunning on all devices

Smartphone’s and tablets are saturating the market with what seems like continual and never ending updates. So much so that laptops and PC’s have seen a huge decline in sales since the introduction of these touch screen devices. With this in mind Google, the largest search engine in the world, will actually start showing mobile friendly / optimized websites first on these devices.

Now I will discuss with you why you should adapt your existing website into a mobile friendly website. The first major reason is that most of the websites that have not been converted into mobile friendly websites will have troubles displaying on handheld touch screen devices. You can simply lose returning visitors and potential sale conversions by not catering to these users, which statistically could be over 50% of your traffic! Mobile users looking to purchase something from your website are looking for perfection because this is what they are used to; the facts show that they are very likely to leave your website and buy the item they are after on a competitors mobile friendly website.  Most mobile users are searching for information on the go so having features such as tap to call or view your retail shop ready to hand can make the difference.Web-Designers-in-Cheltenham

Having a mobile friendly website is not a new thing; many major organizations with nice budgets will have two websites – one for laptops and PC’s and one for mobile phones. However now there is a fresh breed of web design called Responsive Design. This is a new method to make your website adaptable to all devices so there is no need to have two websites but now just one website for all devices. Our Web design in Cheltenham offers this affordable service.

Before I conclude, 80% of mobile users go online  through their mobile device everyday. With this in mind UKWebFast are using Responsive Web Design techniques on all our websites, from tiny brochure sites right up to huge Word Press websites. If you want to build up your existing website at a cheap price in Cheltenham then get in touch. We are affordable Web Designers in Cheltenham and are offering 40% discounts to our new customers. Mobile web will overtake the native website industry so be sure to get your site optimised and made mobile friendly today!

To find out more about how it works visit our website and have a play around to see what we can do for you and improve the experience your users are receiving.

Optimizing Your Website for Local Search Engines

We are finding that many of our new clients are not businesses looking to optimise their website for online marketing but businesses who are already optimised but are unimpressed with the results their current provider is giving them. Most website owners are optimizing their website for targeted keyword phrases but many miss out on one of the most efficient methods of website optimization – local search optimization. One of the most significant changes in the field of SEO is local search engine optimization and a need to target the right people. For example there is no point in having 100 hits a day to your website from people in London if you are a high street retailer in Cardiff or Bristol!

With so much choice online and the World Wide Web being so massive people are able to narrow down their searches to their cities and towns to find what they need. If you are a local business then these are the sort of people you need to be getting your business in front of, and we can help. We explain your business values through branding, advertising and exposure in the right places. UKWebFast is a well known repudiated company in search engine marketing and we are providing SEO services in Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham. We use the latest and most effective SEO techniques that are recommended and respected by Google.


To get the most out of local search you need to be thinking about of the following crucial points:

1. We recommend adding your home office’s city name to some WebPages, especially the homepage. For SEO purpose, the city name can be included in the following: page title, Meta description, Meta keywords etc.

2. Make sure your business address is prominently added to a key area of the website. Introducing the business address in the footer of your website is a great way to deal with town, city and county searches on all pages of the website.

3. Having a “Contact Us” page on your website will not only allow people to quickly contact your business but will also provide another chance for listing your business address and contact information. Always add your business address and other contact information to your “Contact Us” page.

4. Assemble product Awareness. Optimize your website for local keywords to raise brand awareness geographically. If local visitors have faith in your brand then this can translate on to the web and capture the notice of global visitors in turn. This superiority will allocate your website a better Google position than your competitors.

5. Make sure that your business is listed on the top local register websites. An easy way to confirm where your website presently stands in local search engines is searching for your business by name and postcode.

There are many other tactics available but the above five tips are a good place to start. Website optimization for local search is a must for websites so get in touch with your current provider to see what they are doing about it. You can always track it yourself in your Google analytics.

UKWebFast offers the most affordable Seo services in the South West including Bristol, Cardiff and Gloucestershire. Our Seo specialists will assess your website and give you a free consultation.

For a free assessment of your website give us a call at or email us at . We are happy to help.


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SEO for Lead Generation and Direct Marketing

There are many different solutions for generating and locating your next lead. Radio and TV advertising are very popular with companies who can afford to spend £,£££’s and sometimes £,£££,£££’s just for 60 seconds of airtime. Some of those commercials may be memorable, but the ROI of those super high investments can be difficult to track.

Online video marketing is a great way to build an emotional connection with your audience and improve your presence online. For example, you can film a presentation or an event and then share it online. Now you can connect with your audience without actually having to be there. However, video marketing can be costly depending on who you use and the quality of the produced videos you require. Moreover, while they may be good for generating business long-term and building product fairness, they are usually not the most effective way of advertising these days.

Studies show that about 90% of business buyers start with research on the internet by typing in the product they are looking for into Google. Therefore it is critical to have a glowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign in place and our Internet Marketing in Bristol has proven to be very successful.

UKWebFast is an SEO company in Bristol with a great deal of experience and success behind it. SEO is an increasingly complex lead generation tactic given the evolving nature of search, including personalized search results. Social Media also impacts search results in an increasingly important way, so there are some complex dealings between the special tactics that must be considered by marketers when evaluating success of various marketing tactics for a direct age group or target market. It is for these reasons why there is only so much people can do without the help of expert SEO and Internet Marketing companies.

Search Engine Optimization is something that we discuss with our clients early on. A major factor in whether a website features high up in Google is how the website has been structured and how it is made SEO Friendly. All web designs by UKWebFast are built in a way that allows Google bots to crawl the site  and we can create a very successful SEO marketing campaign for our clients from the very start.

SEO for Lead Generation and Direct MarketingUKWebFast we use the latest and most effective SEO techniques that are recommended and respected by Google. We focus on particular keywords and phrases relative to your business to attract unique visitors to your website which can be accurately tracked through Google analytics. A good SEO campaign looks at both the internal and external elements of your website to ensure you are able to compete and see a generous return on your investment.


Poorly Optimised Mobile websites drive away 46% of customers visiting your website.

Tablets are now the fastest growing technology and the market growing by 65% every year. However, a bad tablet website user experience will drive 46 per cent of users to competitive websites, according to UKwebfast.

Today 93% of people use their tablets to browse online, 83% to use social networks and 78% to shop online. In the UK and France online shopping is the third most popular activity on the tablet, where as it is fourth in the US. Meanwhile, more people search on tablets each day in countries with lower PC usage. For example 98% of tablet users in the UK use it to search, whereas 87% do in the US.





Home-Pg-LaunchjjnkUKWebFast offers the most affordable mobile responsive website design services in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and around you. Our engineers excel at converting your existing website to make it mobile and tablet friendly.

For a free assessment of your website give us a call at or email us at . We are happy to help.

Choose the Best Web Design Company in Cheltenham

A Web design company helps you represent your brand to the very large audience of online surfers! Choosing the best web designer for your business website is a very important decision and if your company is a startup business then you may well not have any web design experience which makes choosing the right people even more complicated!


A web designer must be skilled in the art of the web programming which is something that is very different from regular web design. Web programming contains the implementation of the different programming languages like PHP, Java, SQL, Flash and .Net which to be honest you do not need to know anything about. All of these programming languages need highly skilled individuals to code and develop web programs using one or many of these to fit in with requirements of your project.

UKWebFast provides efficient website designers who will make your business website more attractive and effective. We like to meet face to face and discuss your project in person to get a full understanding of what you want your business to achieve and how you want to be portrayed. We cut through all the jargon and will not confuse you so that you are always well informed of what we can do for you. To some examples of our previous web designs and our web design prices please visit pricing page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Improve Your Website Traffic with Easy Steps

 Everyone wants their website to have good traffic and more visitors. Here we will be offering you few easy steps to boost your website traffic within less time and applying minimal efforts. Follow these steps and get more traffic to your website.

First step is to get targeted website traffic posting messages in various forums. Every day posting to forums or replying to forum threads will increase traffic to your website. This method works because every posted message and thread replies have your signature. There you can also place links pointing to your webpage.

Second way of increasing traffic to your website is by writing articles based on your website content. The traffic will come from the resource box, which is at the end of your articles. The main purpose of resource box is to tell the reader about the author and point them to your website.

online internet marketing

Third step to increase visitors on your website page is search engine optimization. Firstly you need to optimize your website with specific keywords. Adding your main keywords to page titles, h1 tags and website content will definitely help you to get more visitors.

Fourth step boost your website traffic by blogging. Blogs are a superb way to let your visitors know about website updates, reply to their questions, get their opinion. Also your blog entries can easily be “feeds” for many sites which will be carrying your site link with them.

Final step to increase your website traffic is through Newsletters. It is a great way to increase the number of visitors coming on your site, especially when the newsletter contains valuable information. This is the reason why more people will subscribe to the newsletter.

Now that you have these steps, you can start putting them into action to help you increase your website traffic today. Not only will you get more visitors but you will also be able to generate traffic.

For more advice and a free consultation and assessment for your website please get in touch with or call . We are a mobile web design company based in Cheltenham and also specialise in online marketing.

Why are back links important and how do we build them?

When some other website contains a link which navigates back to your websites that is called a back link. Back links are one of the best techniques for creating more traffic to your website. It is not difficult to get back links but this usually takes some time. Back links help you get good ranking for your website in the search engines and is a valuable technique within an SEO campaign.

Best mobile site design

To obtain relevant back links for online internet marketing you will have to connect and become a member of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, goggle+ etc.  You can post links of the pages of your website on these websites which will eventually link back to your website.

Here we provide you various ways to get relevant back links for your website:

1. Article &  Blog Marketing : You can write quality articles & blog content and post them on high Page Rank / high Trust Rank (article or blog submission) websites. You can also insert a link in your content.

2. Press Release: This is similar to Article marketing, it will help you get back links and get a better ranking for your website.

3. Forum Marketing: We create your profile on business Forums and we post relevant comments on good posts in a business forum by adding a link back to your website.

These ways will definitely help you to get relevant back links and visitors on your website.
By having more back links and visitors your website can rank in a better position.


What a ‘page view’ and why is this important?

When a browser loads one page of your website it is called one page view. If a user refreshes or reloads the same webpage again it will be counted as another page view for that page. When a user navigates to a different page on your website it is counted as a new page view.

So page views stats is the total number of pages viewed and the repeated views of a single page.

page views in google Ananlytics for mobile websites are increasing

Page view statics is important for you to understand how popular or unpopular your page is. And you can use this statistics to improve your pages or your content.

If some pages are getting more attention than others then this could be very useful to your business to understand what people are interested in most about the services or products you offer. It is worth checking these statistics weekly; it does not take long and will keep you well informed.

Why you should use live chat on your website?

mobile websites

Live Chat is used by 1000’s of websites and can be a very important tool for converting prospectus customers and to provide online support. Read how it can help your business:

 1. Stop people leaving your website: Find out the page with high exist rate from your website’s Google analytics and add a live chat option there to engage people.This will reduce the bounce rate.

Google analytics1

2. Increases your conversion rate to get new customers and a reliable 24*7 online support facility for your existing customers. This could be about any issues they are facing or if they want to get in touch for any support to use your products.

3. It will speed up the process of how customers reach you and also help you get instant feedback on what customers like and do not like about your services and products.

mobile responsive web design

4. There are few and easy to install solutions to add a live chat plug-in to your website. A few we like are Olark, live chat and Zopim.

It really is a simple tool that can deliver some big wins for your business. And using it with a responsive mobile website means that live chat/support will be available on all devices i.e. iPhones, iPads and Laptops.

Web design Cheltenham

Do you use live chat? What are your experiences with live chat and how has it helped your business? Please share your comments below.