We are Hiring!

We are actively looking for a web developer and web designer to join our team. When we recruit at UKWebFast, amongst other things, we particularly like to look at two key attributes of an individual: Firstly we look at your DNA! We want to know all about you and what you like doing in your own time. While experience is very important we believe the bigger predictor of success is how someone will fit in with our team. We are young and fresh-minded and we express our ideas openly, imaginatively and collectively. Ask yourself if you are a brilliant web developer coming from a large corporate institution? Do you need competition in order to perform to your optimum? How do you think you would fit in with a small versatile team who work closely together, sharing ideas and learning from one another? Secondly, like our web designs, we want someone with aptitude. In the world of ‘tech’ skills become obsolete every two years, give or take. At UKWebFast we are not looking for developers and programmers who are an expert in one particular skill set, we need someone who is versatile and can quickly adapt to the ever-changing technology and keep up with the times. This requires an enthusiasm to carry on learning.

We want to know what new programming languages you have learnt recently? What are your go-to places for learning new tech tips and tricks? What are your favourite technology conferences?