Why you should use live chat on your website?

Live Chat is used by 1000’s of websites and can be a very important tool for converting prospectus customers and to provide online support. Read how it can help your business:

 1. Stop people leaving your website: Find out the page with high exist rate from your website’s Google analytics and add a live chat option there to engage people.This will reduce the bounce rate.

2. Increases your conversion rate to get new customers and a reliable 24*7 online support facility for your existing customers. This could be about any issues they are facing or if they want to get in touch for any support to use your products.

3. It will speed up the process of how customers reach you and also help you get instant feedback on what customers like and do not like about your services and products.

4. There are few and easy to install solutions to add a live chat plug-in to your website. A few we like are Olark, live chat and Zopim.

It really is a simple tool that can deliver some big wins for your business. And using it with a responsive mobile website means that live chat/support will be available on all devices i.e. iPhones, iPads and Laptops.

Do you use live chat? What are your experiences with live chat and how has it helped your business? Please share your comments below.