How Google finds your website? – UKWebFast

The website ranking in search engines work very similar to how children grow up. First they crawl then they walk and then they begin to run. Similarly when we start SEO in the first month Google start crawling a website.

Googlebot is one of main crawlers Google use. These crawlers visit websites and computer programs decide how often they will return to a website based on many factors such as PageRank, links to a page etc. Any number of factors can affect the crawl frequency of website.

A crawler is also sometimes called a spider or a robot. Just like how a spider crawls its web to inspect and maintain it, Google crawls the World Wide Web (www).

Why Google needs to crawl?

If we wanted to search for a lost or misplaced file on our own computer then we would use our file searcher to find it. This search tool crawls your computer to find the relevant file. Similarly Google needs to crawl through billions of web files on millions of different servers to find websites to index content and keywords that are relevant to your Google search.

The process of crawling

The process of crawling collects pages from the web to generate a structure or a file a bit like the index at the end of a book.

If we want our website to be listed in this index file then we must attract these crawlers to our webpages by using the correct keywords and phrases.

How Google starts crawling?

It starts with what is called “seed urls” like,, etc

These are called authoritative seed urls. Google will find all internal links under this main url and put them in a queue.

It will then fetch each particular page/link in the queue finding internal links in that particular page and add them back to the main queue.

This is done through the links on the pages and the Sitemap.xml file.

In layman terms the easier your website is to navigate the easier Google can crawl your website and find the relative links and phrases to help push you higher up the queue. The eventual aim is to be at the top of the queue – page one of Google!

What spiders do when they crawl?

When spiders visit a website they read content and meta tags and find internal links and urls. It is important to use unique and original content, which is updated regularly to get their attention.


In the first month of your SEO campaign with UKWebfast we get Google to crawl your website by adding a few links and key word phrases. The next step is to have your website walking about and we do this by making you look more established in the eyes of Google with regular content updates, link building and white collar SEO tactics.

Then finally your website will begin to run and will get to the top of Google. The plan is to keep it running so no one can knock you off the top spot!