Website Design Cardiff – Server Hosting – What is to know?

Server hosting is a space where your website lives on the internet. Websites and web pages are made up of files and folders like those on your PC and these files and folders collectively make up your website. Your website host provides you space on their server in a data center where you can upload your files and folders to.

Why we need to keep files on a web server?

As a website owner we want people to be able to access our site whenever they wish. Therefore we need our website to have 24/7 access to the internet and the connection needs to be very powerful to handle all the traffic you are hopefully getting! Such a powerful internet connection is something most companies cannot afford to have at home.

About web space and bandwidth

Web space is measured in megabytes. For a very basic website web space starts at 50MB but it can be much more depending on your website requirements.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can transmit to users. Servers need to have good bandwidth so that multiple users can access your website at the same time.

Free Website Hosting: Sometimes companies offer you free web hosting and provide very limited services. Such a service is supported by advertisement. They will most likely ask you to place their ads on your website for promotion of their products.

Virtual dedicated Server Hosting: Having a virtual dedicated server means you get your own space on a much large server. The larger server is virtually split into different severs.

Shared Hosting: In shared hosting the same server space is used for hosting different websites. This is the most cost effective hosting service for small business and basic websites.

Dedicated Web hosting service: Dedicated web hosting is made for large websites. In this case you will have full control on your server and hosting.

Choosing right hosting company

Your Web hosting company should be reliable for your own reputation so that you don’t make a bad impression on your clients or you are going to lose sales when your server is down.

Also before going for a company please ensure your hosting company provides 24*7 supports and an easy functional control panel.

Many Website hosting companies also provide other value added services as well like registration of domain names and facility of e-mail services. Most of the companies provide 1-10 email addresses for budget packages and higher end packages can get a higher number of email addresses.

If you want to know more and compare prices for the different hosting packages then please have a look at the UKWebFast pricing page.