What a ‘page view’ and why is this important?

When a browser loads one page of your website it is called one page view. If a user refreshes or reloads the same webpage again it will be counted as another page view for that page. When a user navigates to a different page on your website it is counted as a new page view.

So page views stats is the total number of pages viewed and the repeated views of a single page.

Page view statics is important for you to understand how popular or unpopular your page is. And you can use this statistics to improve your pages or your content.

If some pages are getting more attention than others then this could be very useful to your business to understand what people are interested in most about the services or products you offer. It is worth checking these statistics weekly; it does not take long and will keep you well informed.

Looking for two young sales people to join UKWebFast

We are now getting some great responses in Gloucestershire, and in particular Cheltenham, about our SEO and mobile website campaign. We are now looking for two more people to join our team for sales and business marketing in the Cheltenham office. Our online marketing team is consistently providing very high quality services for our Clients and more and more people are taking notice. Today we have started work on Lovell Camps and de Lucy’s Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services for a 3 month SEO Campaign. They are very different campaigns, which makes it a lot more interesting for online marketing team. It is very exciting that we are in a position to expand our Cheltenham office and we look forward to reading some more CV’s.

If this is you then send  [email protected] your CV with a covering letter. We are a new, young and very ambitious team.